Unity 3D Models + Unreal 3D Models Free Download

Are you working with Unity or Unreal Engine? If yes then we have just wanted to let you know, that we have just released free Unity 3D models and free Unreal Engine 3D models packs.

Each of two packs contains the same 15 3D models formatted for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Some more details

In this Unity and Unreal Engine Free 3D Models Pack, you will get 15 models with materials and textures for these both game engines. Files are compatible with Unity 2017.4.1 and Unreal Engine 4.19. In this pack you can find:

  • Red Office Chair 3D model (333018 Tris)
  • Book Set 3D model (32648 Tris)
  • Grey Fabric Sofa with Pillows 3D model (708208 Tris)
  • Apples on White Plate 3D model (14602 Tris)
  • Potted Plant 3D model (196360 Tris)
  • Light-Grey Fabric Sofa 3D model (159888 Tris)
  • Light-Grey Fabric Armchair 3D model (125136 Tris)
  • A bowl of Walnuts 3D model (135552 Tris)
  • Maple Tree 3D model (97108 Tris)
  • Wooden Door 3D model (53438 Tris)
  • Modern Desk 3D model (68 Tris)
  • Woodland Forget-me-not Plant 3D model (81260 Tris)
  • Apple Tree 3D model (241632 Tris)
  • Wood and Glass Coffee Table 3D model (143652 Tris)
  • Spruce Tree 3D model (404536 Tris)

All preview images in this Pack were rendered using Unreal Engine 4.19.

Free download

Free download now: https://cgaxis.com/free-unity-unreal-engine-3d-models/

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