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Recently added 3d assets ⚡️

  • Space Station Ceiling – Large

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  • Brushed Aluminum 7077

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  • Trik1 Graffiti DE46

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  • SME Graffiti DE45

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  • Role1 Graffiti DE44

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  • CGAxis Hets Graffiti DE43

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  • Creep Graffiti DE42

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  • Old Scared Ghost Stricker DE41

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  • Scared Ghost Stricker DE40

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  • Old Red Devil Sticker DE39

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  • Red Devil Sticker DE38

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  • Old Happy Sticker DE37

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Compatible with your favorite software

All newly added PBR textures are available in native formats for 3DS Max + V-Ray, Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, JPG & SBSAR for compatibity with all any other software. Older PBR textures may be available in PNG or JPG formats only. 3D models are natively compatible with 3DS Max 2010 or higher (V-Ray, Mental Ray, Corona, Scanline), Cinema 4D R15 or higher (Advanced Renderer, V-Ray). 3D models are also available in FBX and OBJ formats to make them 100% compatible with any other software.


6519 PBR Textures

Ready to use in your favourite 3D software. 100% seamless, tileable, ultra-sharp and detailed.

  • Old Copper PBR Texture

    Old Copper PBR Texture

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  • Sand PBR Texture

    Sand PBR Texture

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  • Red Stone Brick Pavement PBR Texture

    Red Stone Brick Pavement PBR Texture

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  • Grey Concrete PBR Texture

    Grey Concrete PBR Texture

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  • Brown Concrete PBR Texture

    Brown Concrete PBR Texture

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  • Old Wood PBR Texture

    Old Wood PBR Texture

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6519 PBR Materials

4327 3D Models

From 3D scanned food to furniture, trees, plants, kitchen equipment and many more.

  • Kitchen Scale

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  • Cash Desk

    Cash Desk

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  • Wood and Leather Bed

    Wood and Leather Bed

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  • Chocolate bars

    Chocolate bars

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  • American Basswood Tree 3D Model 9m

    American Basswood Tree 3D Model 9m

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  • CGAxis Door 10

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4327 3D Models

284 HDRI Maps

Light your scene with pro quality HDRI Maps.

  • CGAxis HDRI Map 04 09

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  • Early Morning Grass Field HDRI Sky

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  • Afternoon Desert HDRI Sky

    Afternoon Desert HDRI Sky

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  • Noon Desert Mountains HDRI Sky

    Noon Desert Mountains HDRI Sky

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  • Late Evening Forest Hills HDRI Sky

    Late Evening Forest Hills HDRI Sky

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  • CGAxis HDRI Map 07 10

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284 HDRI Maps

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Great so far! Quality is amazing!
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The models are great and you got everything covered from little things to the big ones. Glad I got the models, my renders look more realistic.
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I have always loved your assets from the beginning. Add to that the stellar email customer service I just had that things are fantastic!!
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Excelente buen servicio.
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