XXL PBR Textures Collection for Creative Professionals

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400 PBR Textures Collection.

Bring your 3D artwork to life with 400 new and original PBR textures. Multiformat and ready to use in your favorite software.

8K Hi-Res.

All textures included in Physical 9 collection are available in 8K resolution, so you don't have to worry about those close-ups we all love! Oh! And we have included 4K versions as well.

What's included?


Destruction & Stylized

Food & Organic

Leather & Fabrics

Medieval & Fantasy

Metal & Wood




Sci-Fi & Electronics

Stones & Rocks



Details matter

Physical 9 collection contains two different pixel resolutions of textures to easly suit any 3D project. 8K and 4K versions are included without any additional fees, so you can choose whichever resolution best suits your needs.

100% tileable and ultra-sharp

Thanks to our in-house method of creating PBR. Our textures are guaranteed to be 100% seamles, ultra-sharp and detailed.


To make your design process more comfortable, we've prepared all 400 materials included in the Physical 9 to work with 3DS Max + V-Ray, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D (HDRP), Blender + Cycles and Adobe Substance SBSAR out of the box. All five native formats are included in your download after purchase.

Physical 9 is also 100% compatible with any other 3D software thanks to included PNG + TIFF files.

Native compatibility

Material presets for 3ds max (2019 and above) + V-Ray saved as 3ds max library files (mat). It contains all maps (Diffuse, Glossiness, Height, IOR, NormalOpenGL, Reflection) preloded into the material. Prepared to use with VRayDisplacementMod with UseObjectMTL enabled.

Pre-made materials with base material and material instance where you can control Tesselation (Unreal Engine 4), Brightness, Normal Flatness, and Height (Unreal Engine 4).

Unity Package file with pre-made material for HDRP. Each material has HDRP/LitTesselation Shader and four maps: Base Color, Mask (with Ambient Occlussion and Metalness), Normal Map (OpenGL), and Height Map.

Blender file containing pre-made material with both 8192x8192 and 4096x4096 maps included. Prepared for Blender + Cycles with Displacement rendering enabled.

Substance material preset which you can use in Substance Painter, or with any software which has Substance Plugin available: substance3d.adobe.com/plugins

100% compatible with any other 3D software

If you are using other software, don't worry! We've included high-quality PNG + TIFF (for height/displacement) files to guarantee compatibility with nearly 100% software which can use PBR textures.

Uncompressed PNG maps (plus TIFF for height map) prepared for Roughness/Metalness, Specular/Glossiness and Reflection workflows. Maps included are: - Base Color (PNG for Roughness/Metalness workflow) - Diffuse (PNG for Specular/Glossiness or Reflection workflow) - Height (TIFF image for displacement) - IOR (PNG for Reflection workflow) - Metallic (PNG for Rougness/Metalness workflow) - Normal (PNG normal map in DirectX format) - NormalOpenGL (PNG normal map in OpenGL format) - Reflection (PNG for Reflection workflow) - Roughness (PNG for Rougness/Metalness workflow) - Specular (PNG for Specular/Glossiness workflow) - Ambient Occlussion (PNG for any software that needs it) For some materials there is also Emissive map included, where it contains lightning elements. Base Color and Diffuse maps are combined in one map where materials does not contain any metal elements.

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