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3D Seating Furniture – Viz-People Collection

Introducing a true state of art, the 3d models set. This unique collection contains 80 beautifully crafted 3d models of a contemporary and classic furniture icons.

Price: 130 EUR

2D Casual v5 – Viz-People Collection

2D Casual – please meet 631 high quality photos of contemporary, fashionable and good looking people for your project!

Price: 110 EUR

3D Home Gadgets – Viz-People Collection

3d home gadgets. Set of 80 high quality home gadgets will fill your digital interiors with contemporary and retro style electronics, flowers, and many more.

Price: 130 EUR

3D Fabrics – Viz-People Collection

Viz-People 3D Fabrics is a most sophisticated 3d Textile collection. Result of hundreds working hours that brings to live stunning collection of 80 beautiful 3d models

Price: 130 EUR

Mobile version: Enabled

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