3D Exteriors - CGAxis Collection Volume 2

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3D Exteriors – CGAxis Collection Volume 2

CGAxis 3D Exteriors Volume 2 is a collection of 5 highly detailed exterior scenes with textures, materials, lighting and rendering setup for 3ds max 2011 with V-Ray and Cinema 4D R15 with V-Ray[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]CGAxis 3D Exteriors 02 01:

House with electric solar panels, heating pump and exterior electronics.

Polygons: 7122323
Verticles: 7153534

CGAxis 3D Exteriors 02 02:

Autumn scene with a park pond, old wooden bridge and lots of trees.

Polygons: 6484450
Verticles: 8709491

CGAxis 3D Exteriors 02 03:

House with a small pond surrounded by conifer trees.

Polygons: 3398270
Verticles: 2381490

CGAxis 3D Exteriors 02 04:

Backyard scene with a large stone fountain and lots of garden decorations surrounded by deciduous trees.

Polygons: 5221342
Verticles: 6907243

CGAxis 3D Exteriors 02 05:

Driveway with a house in the back with deciduous trees in the foreground and the background.

Polygons: 2901133
Verticles: 4014104

Images showed above are rendered with 3ds max and V-Ray with some post-producion added such as background and color correction. Final renders in Cinema 4D  may be different.

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