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3D Interiors – CGAxis Collection Volume 1

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CGAxis 3D Interiors Volume 1 is a collection of interior visualization scenes for 3ds max 2010 + V-Ray and Cinema 4D R15 + V-Ray. Ready to render.

Total size: 3.12GB
Materials: Yes
Textures: Yes
Shipping: Downloadable



3D Interiors – CGAxis Collection Volume 1

CGAxis 3D Interiors Volume 1 is a collection of interior visualization scenes for 3ds max 2010 + V-Ray and Cinema 4D R15 + V-Ray. Ready to render.

You can find within it 10 highly detailed interiors with textures, materials, lighting and rendering setup.

CGAxis 3D Interior 01 01:

Two-level living room with large windows, fireplace, black leather sofas and lightwood floor. Total polygon count: 6619386.


CGAxis 3D Interior 01 02:

Large bedroom with terrace and wood covered fireplace. Total polygon count: 3006490.


CGAxis 3D Interior 01 03:
Light living room with sofa, chair, rug and table in white-grey style. Total polygon count: 2664973.


CGAxis 3D Interior 01 04:
Reading place with light-blue walls, fireplace, and grey chair. Total polygon count: 1738009.


CGAxis 3D Interior 01 05:
White reading place by the window with wooden elements and a wall bookshelf. Total polygon count: 1959218.


CGAxis 3D Interior 01 06:
Living room with grey walls, fireplace, grey sofas and large windows with curtains. Total polygon count: 1761576.


CGAxis 3D Interior 01 07:
Large living room with wooden elements, stairs, black leather sofa and chairs. Total polygon count: 3970511.

cgaxis_3d interior_01_07

CGAxis Interior 01 08:
Kids room with blue wall, blue carpet and lots of toys. Total polygon count: 5336199.

cgaxis_3d interior_01_08

CGAxis Interior 01 09:
Living room with green wall, green ceiling lamp, black leather sofa and chair, glass table and wall bookshelf. 1120902.

cgaxis_3d interior_01_09

CGAxis Interior 01 10:
Supermarket visualization with shopping cart and DOF effect. Total polygon count: 5047024.

cgaxis_3d interior_01_10

Images showed above are rendered with 3ds max and V-Ray with some post-production added.

3 reviews for 3D Interiors – CGAxis Collection Volume 1

  1. Xavi Rojas

    In C4D, is it only usable in VRay? Or will it work in Advanced Renderer? Thanks!

    • cgaxis (store manager)

      This collection is prepared only for VRay

  2. Rafal Durda

    W would like to buy this item for C4D+VRay. Is it possible?

    • Karol Jarek (store manager)

      unfortunately not, it is available only for 3ds max VRay

      edit: Now you can use it in Cinema 4D with VRay

  3. c.wauben@vrchitecture.nl (verified owner)

    Inspiring and reusable collection!

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