3D Interiors - CGAxis Collection Volume 4

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CGAxis 3D Interiors Volume 4< is a collection of 10 highly detailed interiors with textures, materials, lighting and rendering setup for 3ds max 2011 with V-Ray and Cinema 4D R15 with V-Ray.

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 01:

Restaurant 3d scene with green colors on fabric on chairs and curtains. Scene contains light color wood floor and brick walls with large windows. File size: 509MB

Polygons: 7142064
Verticles: 5696115

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 02:

Tall living room with a fireplace. On the left is a large window with a white curtain. Back wall is made of white bricks with two pictures hanged on it. There is also a modern looking lamp hanging from the ceiling. File size: 507MB

Polygons: 3948394
Verticles: 3152081

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 03:

Kids room on the attic. Some of the wall are colored blue with some space stickers placed over. Scene have a lot of children’s furniture such as bunk bed and shelves and a lot of toys. File size: 243MB

Polygons: 2110887
Verticles: 1960412

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 04:

Gym scene with two table-tennis tables and some sport equipment. There is a large mirror on the back side of the room. File size: 81MB

Polygons: 5143137
Verticles: 2706938

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 05:

Office scene with a modern glass and metal desk with black swivel chair. In the back is a large window with the blinds. Floor is coverd with dark-grey large tiles. File size: 205MB

Polygons: 5587595
Verticles: 2954498

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 06:

Dining room in grey and white colors. Table is set with a lot of various dishes and tableware. On the left is a large window with blinds and on the right wall is a picture with a night city panorama. File size: 208MB

Polygons: 2127916
Verticles: 1186758

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 07:

Large bathroom with a white and black tiles. This scene contains CGAxis HDRI map as background and illumintaion. File size: 273MB

Polygons: 406356
Verticles: 215012

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 08:

Close-up scene of a dining table with black and red tableware, some cooking utensils and candlesticks. File size: 118MB

Polygons: 4902470
Verticles: 2537432

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 09:

Reading room scene with dark floor, black chair and glass coffee table. On the right is a large bookshelf with some books and black floor standing lamp. File size: 803MB

Polygons: 4038894
Verticles: 2178479

CGAxis 3D Interiors 04 10:

Kitchen scene in white and black colors. In it you will fing lots of kitchen electronic devices, food and some books. File size: 509MB

Polygons: 3141505
Verticles: 1812642

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