3D Interiors - CGAxis Collection Volume 6

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3D Interiors – CGAxis Collection Volume 6

CGAxis 3D Interiors Volume 6 is a collection of 5 highly detailed interiors with textures, materials, lighting and rendering setup for 3ds max 2011 with V-Ray,Β Cinema 4D R15 with V-Ray.

CGAxis 3D Interiors 06 01:

Photo studio attic with lots of photography equipment.

Polygons: 4386260
Verticles: 4286278

CGAxis 3D Interiors 06 02:

Two-level shopping center scene with stores an the each side, kiosks and stalls on the groud floor.

Polygons: 25350767
Verticles: 23715978

CGAxis 3D Interiors 06 03:

Living room scene with the close-up on the ceiling lamps.

Polygons: 4147244
Verticles: 2636106

CGAxis 3D Interiors 06 04:

Supermarket scene with shopping shelves with lots of different products.

Polygons: 8385911
Verticles: 7618284

CGAxis 3D Interiors 06 05:

Living room scene with large windows, curtains and a fireplace build in into grey brick wall.

Polygons: 7006139
Verticles: 7822467