Blocks Exterior Meadow Plants

129.00 $

Blocks Exterior Meadow Plants is a set of 30 3d models of many species of meadow plants and herbs: mint, grass, sow thistle, clover, dandelions, nettle and many more.

All models in this collection are prepared for 3ds max 2013 or higher (V-Ray, Corona, Scanline), 3ds max 2016 (Arnold), Cinema 4D R15 or higher (V-Ray, Advanced Renderer), Unreal Engine, FBX, Blender (Cycles) and OBJ file formats.

This collection does not include scene presented in render image.

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Available file formats

Meadow plants 3d models works best with your software scattering tools.

3ds max: Scatter Compound Object, Particle Flow or external Multi Scatter Plugin (
Blender: Object Scatter Addon (
Unreal Engine: After copying models into your Content folder use Unreal Engine Foliage mode and add foliage type from Geometries folder of each meadow plant.
Cinema 4D: Use the Scatters tools (R24 and higher), Octane Scatter or other Scattering Plugin.

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