CGAxis Complete 11

499.00 $

CGAxis Complete 11

Formats (individual models):

  • 3ds max 2010 (V-Ray)
  • 3ds max 2010 (Corona)
  • 3ds max 2010 (Scanline)
  • 3ds max 2010 (Mental Ray)
  • Unreal Engine
  • Cinema 4D R15 (Advanced Renderer)
  • Cinema 4D R15 (V-Ray)
  • FBX
  • OBJ

Formats (in interiors):

  • 3ds max 2010 (V-Ray)
  • Cinema 4D R15 (V-Ray)

PBR Textures Formats:

  • PNG

HDRI Skies Formats:

  • HDR
  • JPG

What’s Included:

Furniture 3D Models Collection (Volume 106)

Set of 21 models of stylish living room furniture. Among them you will find armchairs, sofas and tables that will help you improve the interior design you are working on. Among these furniture 3d models you will find both sofas, leather armchairs as well as tables and coffee tables.

Mall Equipment 3D Models Collection (Volume 107)

Compilation of 30 models for mall interiors. In this set you will find store interiors, elevators, escalators, mall benches and store displays.

Garden Decorations 3D Models Collection (Volume 108)

40 objects useful for every exterior projects. It will be perfect for the architectural visualizations and other project in which you like to have more realistic look. In this collection you will find various sculptures, fountains, planters, bridge, fences and other decorative garden objects.

Trees 3D Models Collection (Volume 109)

Set of 40 deciduous trees in summer season. It contains 3d models of trees in various size and shapes with the species such as: american beech, american hornbeam, scotch elm, champion oak, pin oak, tulip tree, silver maple and japanese maple.

Palm Trees 3D Models Collection (Volume 110)

70 palm trees 3D models with various species from different countries and in varying degrees of growth. In here you will find: butia palm trees, chilean wine palm trees, coconut palm trees, date palm trees, foxtail palm trees and many more.

3D Exteriors (Volume 1)

Set of five exterior scenes for 3ds max (V-Ray) and Cinema 4D (V-Ray). Backyard scene, meadow scene, orchard scene, winter conifer trees scene and wooden terrace with garden scene.

PBR Textures – Stones (Volume 1)

Collection of 100 PBR textures of stones, walls, pavemenents and concrete. In it you will find various types of marble, gravel, sandstones, granites and many more. Each texture have 4096 x 4096 px resolution. All these images are fully tileable (seamless) in PNG file format and have five maps: Diffuse / Albedo, Glossiness, Height / Displacement, Normal and Reflection.

HDRI Skies (Volume 1)

108 full spherical HDR images. In it you will find panoramas of deserts, lakes, oceans, grassfields and many more with sun set from early morning to late evening. All images resolution is 10000 x 5000 px and are in 32-Bit High Dynamic Range file format and JPG file formats.

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