CGAxis Complete 7

499.00 $

CGAxis Complete 7

Formats (individual models):

– 3ds max 2010 (V-Ray, Mental Ray, Corona, Scanline)
– Cinema 4D R15 (Advanced Renderer, V-Ray)

Formats (in interiors):

– 3ds max 2011 (V-Ray)
– Cinema 4D R15 (V-Ray)

Whats included:

Kitchen Furniture Sets:

Large amount of complete kitchen furniture sets in different styles. Each one contains cabinets, fronts, wall shelves and countertops in sinks. You just need to place them in your scene, add walls and floor and it will give you nice looking kitchen scene. Objects are not attached so you will be able to place them as you wish. This collection is a time-saver for if you are going to furnish your kitchen or dining room interior projects.

Bar Equipement and Utensils:

31 high-polygon 3D models of various alcohol bottles and cans, bar utensils and drink making utilities. You can find in it: different models of liquors, wines and beers, bar stations, glasses, pouring instruments, kegs, bar tables with stools, etc.

Sport Equipment:

26 high polygon models of various sport equipment items. You will find here highly detailed 3D models of: table tenis table and racket, tennis racket and court, football, basketball, volley ball, boxing gloves, skateboard, skies and more.

Hedges and Shrubs:

36 high polygon 3D models of hedges and shrubs: straight and curved hedges which you can join together to make larger sets and many single shrubs in various shapes. These models are also available in vrmesh format (V-Ray Proxy) which gives you an opportunity to place a lot of models without heavy load of your system.

Home Devices:

Various items of home electronic and electric devices – both interior and exterior. You will find here intercoms, security cameras, motion detectors, air conditioners, satellite dishes, internet and HDTV antennas, ceiling fans, and green energy devices: solar heaters and solar panels.


10 highly detailed interiors with textures, materials, lighting and rendering setup for 3ds max 2011 with V-Ray and Cinema 4D R15 with V-Ray. Ready to render. You will find here:

– Dinning room with black table and black chairs. Table has white clotch, candles and a lot of food products placed on. It is illuminated by black ceiling lamp.
– Hexagonal shaped hospital room with medical equipment: hospital bed, breathing mask, ECG machine, medical drip, wheelchair.
– Scene with living room (dining room) connected with kitchen. In front of the camera is a large wooden table. There are variuos dishes on plates or boards, cups of coffee and glasses placed on it.
– Gym scene with wooden floor and a large balcony. You can find in it a lot of exercise equipement: eliptical trainers, stationary spinning bikes, eliptical trainers, pull-down machines, lever gym machines.
– Room with a grey cabinet with drawers and some plants in metal pots.
– White kitchen scene with wooden elements. On the left a large window with blinds is located. Floor is covered with large beige tiles.
– Home office scene. It has large wooden desk connected with a cabinet standing beside. In the backround is a large black window and a backyard with a tree and wooden fence.
– Supermarket scene with two rows of market shelves. On them are various products: from food and juices to creams and cleaning products.
– Close-up scene of a white desk with a lot of props and gadgets: notebook, camera, antique camera, key holder, photo in frame , globe and many other. In the back is a dark wall with a white bookshelf with also a lot of props: books, wooden figures, clock, ceramic skull.
– Living room visualisation with two sofas, armchair and a coffee table. One of the walls has bookshelves with a lots of books build in.

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