CGAxis Complete 8

499.00 $

CGAxis Complete 8

Formats (individual models):

  •  3ds max 2010 (V-Ray, Mental Ray, Corona, Scanline)
  •  Cinema 4D R15 (Advanced Renderer, V-Ray)
  •  FBX
  •  OBJ

Formats (in interiors):

  •  3ds max 2011 (V-Ray)
  •  Cinema 4D R15 (V-Ray)


What’s Included:

Wild Plants and Flowers:

51 highly detailed 3D models of various grasses and wild plants. In this 3D models collection you will find round grass planes with different flowers and plants and many single wild plants such as: sow-thistles, daisies, bellflowers, tannsies, yarrows and many more.

Kitchen Utensils:

Set of kitchen accesories necessary for creating realistic and natural looking visualization or interior project. 26 high-polygon 3D models of dishes, cooking pots and other cooking utilities. Each model have seperate elements and by that you are able to place the utensils the way you like.

Garden and Backyard Elements:

Backyard and garden benches, tables, chairs and other exterior equipement. You will find here 21 highly detailed 3d models such as: woodenswings, pergolas, table sets, gazdebos, pavilions and more.

Exterior Lamps:

Classical and modern looking exterior lamp. In this set you get small standing lamps, wall sconces, hanging lamps and tall park lanterns.

Fruit Trees:

Set of 78 most popular fruit trees. In it you can find: apple, pear, plum, cherry, peach, lemon and orange trees in different sizes and in different seasons: with green leaves, with flowers and with fruits.


10 highly detailed interiors with textures, materials, lighting and rendering setup for 3ds max 2011 with V-Ray and Cinema 4D R15 with V-Ray. Ready to render.

  • Desk scene with a notebook and more other electronic devices. There is also a desk lamp, cup of coffee and some flowers in jars on it. On the wall are three pictures in frames.
  • Living room scene with leather lounge chair, round leather sofa and a small coffee table with some books. In the back is large black window with a white blind and four pictures in frames.
  • Desk scene with a tablet with keyboard and a graphic tablet. There are also some other electronic devices and some desk utensils.
  • Home office scene with modern looking wooden desk and red swivel chair. In the back is red armchair with white coffee table.
  • Living room scene with some scandinavian furniture: grey fabric sofa, wooden coffee table, and one simple chair. There is also a large industrial looking ceiling lamp and small wire coffee table near the sofa.
  • Living room scene with large windows and modern ceiling lamp. In this scene are lot of scandinavian furniture: sofa, lounge chair, rocking chair. All in light blue colors.
  • Close-up scene of living room coffee table with a lot of decorations. In the back is a sofa and a set of various pictures.
  • Bathroom scene with grey and white tiles. There is also a bath, bidet, toilet and a large shelf with two washbasins.
  • Kitchen scene with furniture with dark wooden fronts. In the front is a kitchen island with fruits and buns and cooking jars.
  • Bar scene with a bartenter table some stools, bar equipement and a lot of various liquirs.

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