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CGAxis Models Volume 10 Kitchen Appliances

69.00 $99.00 $ exc. VAT

CGAxis Models Volume 10 containing 25 highly detailed models of kitchen appliances.

  • Total size: 691MB
  • Materials: Yes
  • Textures: Yes


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CGAxis Models Volume 10 containing 25 highly detailed models of kitchen appliances (stove, toaster, microwave, fridge, electric kettle and much more).

Available formats:

• max Scanline
• max VRay
• max Mentalray
• Cinema 4D
• Cinema 4D VRay
• TheaRender

Compatible with 3ds max 2008 and higher.


9 reviews for CGAxis Models Volume 10 Kitchen Appliances

  1. markus@3dworks.de (verified owner)

    good balance of quality and price.

  2. Toni L. (verified owner)

    Excellent models at a good price, they are very detailed. And if you catch one of their promo codes it is even better.

  3. bertooo@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Great for indoor scenes, the models are very detailed and the textures are good. I bought the Cinema4d pack and it works great. Have a cup of tea 😉

  4. Pasquale

    As a 3d digital artist i really like CGAXIS products and support.Great buy even when they discount models.
    Very professional meshes and very well equipped.
    Thank you

  5. paulbrownv@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I purchased the .LXO format and it works perfectly. Very nice assets for quickly populating a scene with great quality.

  6. Walter (verified owner)

    ottimo prodotto

  7. 0alperrepla0 (verified owner)

    package are professionally and the kitchen is very well equipped Thanks

  8. contact4 (verified owner)

    The models in this package are professionally done, with beveled edges and high-quality texture maps that make them look pretty realistic. Not that it matters much for arch-viz, but they are modeled so well that they even have mainly quads and no N-gons — so props to CGAxis for that. The reflection maps make them look gorgeous in various light conditions and environments. For the most part, I personally find the design of the appliances a bit generic, but it might be me… I suppose they can also be interpreted as minimalist and modern. Overall, it’s a great package and I’m quite pleased.

  9. ivan.dedos@gmail.com (verified owner)

    excellent balance quality and price, just what I was looking for and the kitchen is very well equipped

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