CGAxis Models Volume 72 Trees IX

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Collection with 3D trees models models

CGAxis Models Volume 72 – Trees IX is a collection containing 32 high polygon 3d models of deciduous trees in various sizes and shapes. You can find in it: wild service trees, english oaks, sycamore and palmete maples, common beechs, catalpas, common ashes. Models are mapped and have materials prepared for 3ds max 2010 or higher (Corona, VRay, Mental Ray, Scanline), Maya 2011 (Maya Software, VRay) and Cinema 4D 11 or higher (Advanced Renderer, VRay). This collection is also available in FBX, OBJ and vrmesh (with 3ds max materials) file formats.

Using VRayMesh files:

1. Load ‘cgaxis_models_72_**_material.mat’ library in material editor.
2. Create VRayProxy object.
3. Browse for the desired VRayMesh from CGAxis Collection Volume 72 and load it.
4. Assign material from the library to VRayProxy – for example: cgaxis_models_72_01 material to cgaxis_models_72_01.vrmesh.

Available file formats:

• max 2010 Scanline
• max 2010 Corona
• max 2010 VRay + vrmesh (with 3ds max materials)
• max 2010 Mentalray
• maya 2011
• maya 2011 VRay
• Cinema 4D
• Cinema 4D VRay


Total size: 9.8 GB
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
Shipping: Downloadable

This collection does not include scene presented in render image.

As a sample model you can download for FREE 3D model from CGAxis FREE models platform:


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