Physical 3 Military PBR Textures

199.00 $

Physical 3 Military PBR Textures

In the military texture PBR package you will find all kinds of materials related to the subject of war. There are all kinds of camo fabrics, bullet damaged surfaces, metals painted camo, cupply cases, sandbags, military tents and many other textures for miscellaneous objects. Each texture in this pack consists of eight maps: Diffuse, Reflection, Height (Displacement), Glossiness, Ambient Occlussion, Metallness, Roughness and Normal. All images are fully tileable (seamless) in 8192×8192 in JPG file format. This collection also includes material presets for Unreal Engine, Unity and 3ds max + V-Ray.

Each texture have 8192 x 8192 px and 4096 x 4096 px resolution. All these images are fully tileable (seamless) in JPG file format and have seven maps:

  • Diffuse / Albedo
  • Glossiness
  • Height / Displacement
  • Normal
  • Reflection
  • Roughness
  • Ambient Occlussion
  • Metalness

Available file formats

  • JPG 8K
  • JPG 4K
  • Unreal Engine 4K
  • Unity 4K
  • 3ds max V-Ray 4K
  • 3ds max V-Ray 8K

You can see all preview images of these textures here.

As a sample model you can download for FREE PBR Texture from CGAxis FREE models platform:

camouflaging desert fabric pbr texture



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