Adobe Max Conference 2017 – new technologies revealed

Adobe Max Conference 2017 revealed 11 new videos presenting glimpse of a possible future for Adobe suite including Sensei, its new AI platform.

Below you will find all new technologies and videos from Adobe Conference.

Scene Stitch

Scene Stitch is a version of content aware fill which search through other images (most probably in Adobe stock) to find content which may be useful to fill your image.

Project Puppetron

Project Puppetron takes a graphic style of source image and applies it to another image.

Project Scribbler

Project Scribbler is able to automatically colourise black & white photos and line drawings.

Physics Pak

Physics Pac automatically fills a shape with copies of elements which physically tries to fill the shape space.

Deep Fill

Deep Fill is another version of Adobe content-aware fill that tries to understand the content and content of an image its working on, to generate more realistic end results.


Cloak is a version of Photoshop content-aware filter for videos.

Playful Palette

Playful Palette adds new colour mixing tool that takes inspiration from mixing oil or watercolour paints.

Sonic Scape

Sonic Scape technology provides a way to visualize ambisonics in 360 video using colour particles to help video editors see where sound is located in context.


Lincoln is data visualisation tool for designers.

Quick 3D

Quick 3D is using machine learning algorithms to turn your simple sketches into a 3D models.


Sidewinder takes a VR video with a depth map and enables moving of a head positionally which makes the 3D presence of the scene much greater.

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Source: Warrior3D