phoenix fd simulation

Add energyand excitement to your 3D creations with fire, smoke,and explosion simulations from Phoenix FD.

Available for both 3DSMax and Maya, Phoenix FD offers an artist friendly environment that creates many elements quickly and easily such as smoke, fire, liquids, waves, fog, and splashes, created with our simple configuration menus. Save time before rendering by previewing your finished models in our preview viewport.

Phoenix FD is a trusted industry standard software used in the film and gaming industries, featured in such television shows as The Flash and Game of Thrones.

The Phoenix FD Released by the Chaos Group, the creators of V Ray. Phoenix FD was created within this software family, making render time significantly shorter.

Find out more about special effects, and particle simulation on the RedefineFX channel, or click on the videos below to see how to create a cool chocolate or milk simulation with models from the CGAxis Food Collection.

Phoenix FD 3.1 has many new features such as Variable Viscosity which allows you to mix liquids with different thicknesses, enabling the user to create varied liquid and melting effects.The latest version is more user friendly and includes quick presets which add efficiency and capability to any user level. Also included is volume rendering, whichspeeds up render time as much as two times faster.

Try Phoenix FD yourself free for 30 days at our Chaos Group website.

Available for both 3DS Max and Maya.